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1 Mexico 02/02/2015 How will low oil prices affect Round One. Some argue that Mexico is well positioned for a lower oil price environment, particularly owing to the country’s availability of relatively low cost oil . Others, however, noted that the government must now move more quickly as companies may rethink their investment plans . Market Trends Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream Private Companies & Industry Associations
2 Mexico 02/02/2015 CFE awards Waha-San Elizario pipeline contract. A consortium of Energy Transfer Partners, LP, Mastec, Inc., and Carso Energy S.A., de C.V won the tender to build and operate the 290 km, 1.1 Bcf per day pipeline to link west Texas gas with the planned San Isidro-Samalyuca pipeline in Chihuahua. The winning US$596,260,222 (and no cents) bid was less than half CFE’s authorized US$1,365,276,754.00 budget. Strategy & Operations Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream Public Agencies
3 Mexico 02/02/2015 And the shopping spree continues. CFE announced twelve new projects (Spanish) for public bidding, including three pipelines, natural gas supply to Baja California Sur, a combined cycle power plant, four electricity transmission projects and three expanding electricity distribution. Strategy & Operations Electric Power & Renewables Public Agencies
4 Mexico 02/02/2015 Round One will affect huge swaths of communal land. A recent study suggests that the concessions offered in Round One could affect more than 40 percent of the core agrarian land in the host states. Veracruz has the largest total acreage, but Tamaulipas will see the highest percent of agrarian land affected. Political Economy Government & NGO Local Media
5 Mexico 02/02/2015 Here come the budget cuts. Hacienda announced budget cuts of more than 124 billion pesos (roughly US$10 billion) for 2015, including reductions for Pemex (62 billion pesos) and CFE (10 billion pesos). At the same time, Mexico’s states and municipalities may need an additional 69 billion pesos in federal transfers to offset lost oil revenue. Political Economy Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream Local Media, Local Media
6 Mexico 02/02/2015 Oil price winners and losers. Lower oil prices are expected to help boost Mexico’s automobile exports , reduce costs for airlines , and increase tourism , but may hit petrochemical producers with lower margins. Political Economy Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream Local Media, Local Media, Local Media, Local Media
7 Mexico 02/02/2015 January oil production was well below budget estimates. Mexico pumped an average 2.235 million barrels per day (mbd) last month. That’s 5% below December, 2014 (Spanish) 7.9% below the annual average for 2014 and 6.9% below the 2.4 mbd anticipated in the 2015 budget. Market Trends Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream Local Media
8 Mexico 02/02/2015 A hospital explosion raises LPG safety concerns . A leak from a damaged LPG delivery truck destroyed a children’s hospital killing 3 and injuring more than 70 . The tragedy brought to light the high level of recorded LPG leaks , particularly by the company involved in the accident. Ineffective oversight was also blamed . Market Trends Liquid Fuels Mid-Downstream Local Media, International Media, Local Media
9 Mexico 02/02/2015 Pemex and its 9,500 closest friends. Pemex announced a new contractor registration process . The new system aims to better evaluate contractor risk during pre-selection, promote longer term relationships, and share information with other government entities. Strategy & Operations Government & NGO Public Agencies
10 Mexico 02/02/2015 CNH: A regulator’s regulator. A recent study by the Wilson Center suggests CNH is oriented toward regulating state-owned monopolies and needs to be “re-trained” to regulate from the perspective of the market and economic competition to be successful. Legal & Regulatory Government & NGO Multi-lateral Agencies & NGOs
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